Product Manager (Valencia)


We are Beroomers.

And we are looking for talented people like you!

What we are looking for?

The purpose of the job position is making things done. SInce “ideas are easy and execution is everything” (John Doerr), we are looking for a Product Manager in sunny Valencia capable of transforming all the our stakeholders ideas into something real.

The person we are looking for  will give regular, clear and consistent communication need between customers, partners and our amazing development team. This, will be in order to pull together strong cross-functional teams to transformate the integration of all their needs into product solutions. It is a selfless role that requires winning by influence over authority with strong relationships across the org built on a track record of true partnership and delivery. As such, the PM is willing to grind down to the detail and create smooth launches, reduce thrash, and minimize surprises. When done right, Product is the engine of innovation and excitement for the future of the company. And, because of that, developing a total understanding of the product and through analysing competitors, you will guide the Product Strategy to ensure the company stay ahead.

In conclusion, working with our engineering team, you will lead the way in championing full end to end Product Management and development oversight. Moreover, advising the founders, you will be able to act as the customer interface for Product Success, ensuring all user feedback data is analysed, and appropriate actions can be relayed to the development team.

Let us talk about our company’s purpose!

We want to impact on the experience when you move to another city to live, generating uniques and global services based on technology and trust. We are here to deliver positive outputs to our employees, partners, and society while we build a sustainable company.

We believe in serving different stakeholders:

Employee: Boost a positive company with high wealthiness levels. Generating a trust-driven environment where everyone can grow both personally and professionally. We want to build a “we're great” culture.

Roomer: We believe in contributing to a safe, easy and transparent experience when you move to another city to live.

Society: Make easy mobility between cities ensuring that accommodation is available to the majority, providing transparency and security to the sector, and avoiding abusive behaviors.

We love to work with people with the following values:

Be brave

Don't be afraid to make decisions, fail fast and learn even faster.

Learning by doing  Mindset

Learning is our north pole star, every new situation is a chance to grow up.

Pride and Good Vibes

Life and work are two sides of the same thing, and we want to feel joy in both.

Entrepreneurial Soul

Maybe you don’t always have all the info or resources to achieve a goal easily, but you can start an amazing path focused on achieve the best results possible.


Respect and kindness to our customer is our better skill. Learn from the customer is an opportunity to grow the business, creating amazing experiences.

Responsibilities of the job position:

  • Define, refine, communicate, and shepherd the system vision and success metrics of the Product
  • Create a clear product strategy to build a quick and effective alignment of the product, engineering, data, design, risk mgmt, and operations teams
  • Design product roadmaps and work to them with dev team. Lead and oversee them, managing all product development processes
  • Take ownership of product strategy, roadmap and execution, user experience, testing and driving product innovation
  • Being the lead of sprint planning and managing, prioritizing and taking care of backlog tasks
  • Carry out product testing and report back at a technical and granular level
  • Take ownership of product strategy, roadmap and execution, user experience, testing and driving product innovation
  • Take control of data analysis and product performance
  • Proactively identify and manage key project risks, know when to escalate matters to senior management
  • Troubleshoot, identify and resolve product bugs
  • Work side-by-side with the engineering manager to ensure what’s being proposed can scale without significant execution risk or the accrual of significant tech debt
  • Track the resulting metrics and report progress to the whole team regularly
  • Never stop thinking about what will be the next improvement of the product

What do we need from you?

Desired Skills and Attributes

  • You love speaking with customers and learning ways to deliver them value. You have excellent communication skills and the ability to engage and empathize with internal and external customers
  • 3+ years of experience in product life-cycle management
  • Familiarity with how to build inside operational businesses to balance the concerns of both external end customers and internal users of the software
  • Experience managing development roadmap. Experience in software development tool for agile teams as Jira, Redmine...
  • You will be a technically minded Product Lead with customer interface experience but you will also know how to ask questions gather feedback, and distill all of the noise into clear priorities with a winning strategy
  • You will be truly data driven through the entire lifecycle of a project. You know how to use data - whether its research, measuring usage, or how data is an asset - you are comfortable incorporating data into the way you work
  • You have a track record of success, but maintain a student mentality
  • You’re organized and can follow a process but are not overly rigid about how things get done- things change fast in startup land and primary focus is always on results!
  • Innate product sense of what will work, but without even a shred of ego or hubris
  • Ability to understand UI UX and how that transforms products usability

Other requirements:

  • It will be a plus if you have an engineering background or you have some practical knowledge of MySQL, Javascript & PHP
  • Management of marketing tools (mailchimp, zapier, hubspot, drip…)
  • Capable of managing multiple Products delivery in parallel
  • Passionate about startup environment

What do we offer?

  • A Purpose-Driven Company
  • Fast-Growth environment experience
  • High-performance team culture
  • Full-time position
  • Flexible work environment
  • Regular fun team events
  • Cozy office and sunny terrace
  • Passionate young team of buddies building something great

If you think you can fit this job offer, please, don't hesitate to send your CV on!

Thank you! :D